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Education | Empowerment | Dignity

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Mrs. Sumitra Magrati

Message From Chief Executive Officer

“I want to be the change that I want to see. Any discrimination on the ground of caste,  gender, race and class are against human rights and humanity. Since my childhood, I have  seen caste and gender-based discrimination. Specially the whereabouts of my Dalit  community is vulnerable, the untouchability that Dalit people have been facing for so long,  they were deprived of many things and still practiced discrimination in our society. So, I  want to be the change maker so that I could be able to make a difference in people's lives  by empowering them.” – Sumitra Magrati

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Pride resource centre collects and organises materials that are useful to a particular group of people, such as Dalit, Women, Muslim, Indigenious, Sexual Minorities and other disadvantaged groups/communities. Materials may be very varied, including training manuals, handbooks, reference books, directories, leaflets, posters, videos and research articles. The Pride Resource Center provides an important learning-opportunity resource necessary to support the educational and training programs of...


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